Islamic Burial

Professional Service of Funeral Director and Staff

  • Responding to the initial request for service.
  • Conducting the arrangement conference.
  • Preparation of biographical and statistical data.
  • Examination of financial settlement options.
  • Preparation and filing of papers, permits and authorizations.
  • Coordination with those providing other services.
  • Preparation and placement of obituary notices.
  • Retention and care of remains prior to commencement of post death activities.
  • Sanitary care with no embalming.


  • Use of Staff and Equipment for Funeral Ceremony
  • Coordinating the arrangements for the ceremony
  • Staff supervision and attendance
  • Use of the funeral home when used for the ceremony
  • Offsite site ( staff supervision and attendance)

Transportation of the Remains

  • Hearse local (within 20 miles)

Wooden casket (included)


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